Apr 16, 2024

Update SASSA | R350 SRD Grant Payment method


“Wait for the SMS notification before going to the post office.” Says SASSA. Unemployed R350 Social Relief of Distress grant applicants, who chose the post office method for payment, are urged by SASSA to wait for an SMS before heading to the post office.

SASSA has implemented multiple payment methods, to avoid the long queues they experience with last year’s SRD grants. A payments method optional for applicants is via the post office, cash send or via direct bank account.

However, SASSA grant beneficiaries who chose the direct bank account method and did not receive their SMS notification, claim to receiving their R350 via their gold SASSA card. It is also advised while waiting for your SMS notification, to check for your application status via the website or using the WhatsApp.

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