Jun 18, 2024

Universities That Are Still Open For 2022 Applications


With NSFAS applications for 2022 academic year open till early January, here is a list of universities still accepting applications for the 2022 academic year.

Prospective students are urged to make applications to secure academic space in public universities to avoid taking unplanned gap year. A number of South African universities are still open for applications. With public universities no longer accepting walk ins, it is in students best interest to apply in advance to avoid disappointment.

With most of the varsities having closed academic applications by the end of September 2021, a number of universities such as Central University Of Technology and University Of Limpopo are still acccepting applications for the upcoming year.

Central University Of Technology (CUT)  applications are set to be closed by the end of November, while the University Of Limpopo (UL) applications closing date is yet to be confirmed. CUT offers learning programmes such as teaching, Information Technology, Journalism and many other options students can find interesting to study.

University of Limpopo offers Law studies, media, IT and many other study options for prospective students who meet the applications requirements. CUT doesn’t require online application fee, where as at UL students are required to pay application fee of just R200.




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