Jun 15, 2024

United Residents Front Indulges to Save Community of Lefiso

United Residents Front Indulges to Save Community of Lefiso

As previously mentioned, political parties, independent candidates or organisations and movements, are taking their battles to social media. But in this case the United Residents Front (URF) took the chance when a citizen asked why we should really cast a vote.

A concerned community member of Lefiso questioned the existence of political parties when their communities are still living in unbearable conditions and still expected to cast a vote. “To vote we do vote but my question is, what do you exactly do with our votes, why don’t you fulfil your promises. I do not blame the government because I myself I’m government. Who do we blame?” wrote a community member on a post.

The leader of the URF responded wasting no time to the post as to who is to be blamed. “We blame the one who made empty promises, simple as that. Good people please give United Residents Front a chance. We are the business in waiting, it’s better to be governed by business than politics with propaganda.” said URF leader, Serake Ngako.

That reply from the URF did not really please the people as two socialites said they are not satisfied with it all they really want to know is, is he going to help the community and how? Africa Newz intervened to add to the pressure on what is it that he will do different when he presses on being given a chance, how will the people benefit from being governed by a business as he mentioned.

Without hesitation funny enough he sent back questions as to what is it that we want done for our communities. Ngako mentioned their priority is water, he does not understand why neighbouring villages that are 15 km away benefit from them whereas the pipe runs under their ground yet they do not have water. Adding on he mentioned assisting the youth with funding to start businesses, rebuild and upgrade the Lefiswane clinic in just 3 months, building emergency houses within two months to all those with mud and tin houses older than two years.

The significance of reducing unemployment is one to look at, contesting ward 22 in Lefiso, Ngako says they will introduce agriculture by encouraging all unemployed youth to engage in the field, that way the ward will benefit a lot from the project. With water being the real issue within ward 22, URF aims to rehabilitate old unused boreholes, place windmills for water to flow to old and new reservoirs and fix pipes buried underground in their village.

One thing we await to see from Ngako and URF, is the promise made that “the economy of our ward will be run by the community to benefit them. We will give people land where there is “Monotwane” so our livestock can’t access that poison.” Said Ngako bravely.

The South African black society has been living under unpleasant circumstances, after putting their faith and trust on the government to rescue or reduce their standard of living. Poverty is a real factor for SA residents living under the conditions, are expected to go and vote for change on 1 November 2021. However, the question lies on who we blame when promises are not fulfilled even after years of casting a vote.