Jun 22, 2024

Unisa Students Want LenkaBula Out

University of South Africa (UNISA) students are still waiting for their NSFAS allowances as they claim to have been distorted by their current vice-chancellor, Puleng LenkaBula and persuasively want her to resign and be demoted in her position after there were rumors of LenkaBula buying  a 300 000 worth refrigerator, renovated her house for over R1 million and renting a car worth R860 000.

Students want classes placed on hold, assignments, and tests to be delayed as their allowances are delayed too regardless of how close the exams are, no exams shall be written with no study guides provided  The university’s fellow students decided to strike and some were arrested during the protest. Majority of students  have deregistered due to having no access to use the system.

“No data, no prescribed books a lot of assignments and exams around the corner. The last must do something, only Unisa students are left behind  TVET college and other universities are okay. What about us? . This matter was brought forward to the minister and science Education’s attention, Dr Blade Nzimande. He is said to be studying the report circulating in the public field which involved the key findings listed containing a simultaneous failure of multiple management systems points to deficiencies at the leadership level as well as gross abandonment of consequence management of which so far has resulted in exposure by certain broadcasting houses as well as hypothetical discussion by stakeholders on social media platforms.

The minister and council issued a statement to caution investors about the dangers of exploiting a leaked report in a misleading manner causing unnecessary panic across the university community and their alumni. the management and the university have collaborated with its management process and are expected to officially participate with the university through suitable networks.

They want Unisa to change it’s systematic modus operandi if not , students and workers will continue to suffer as they await Mr Blade Nzimande to communicate with them about the whole above raised subject.