Jun 15, 2024

Unathi Nkayi grilled on Social Media after details around KAYA FM dismissal emerge

Unathi Nkayi

Radio presenter, Unathi Nkayi, has come under fire on Social media after details around her dismissal from KAYA FM emerged citing that Nkayi filed a false abuse claim against one of her colleagues.

KAYA FM announced the termination of Nkayi’s contract on Wednesday, 17 November 2021, due to certain incidents which occured effectively rendering Nkayi and the radio station’s relationship ‘intolerable’ going forward.

According to multiple reports, details around Nkayi’s dismissal have emerged and it is reported that Unathi Nkayi filed a false abuse claim against fellow colleague, Sizwe Dhlomo, to the station’s HR department alleging that Dhlomo verbally abused her during their argument about his late arrival to the studio for a proper handover as his show follows Nkayi’s and also allegedly demanded that the station take action against Dhlomo as she no longer feels safe around him.

It is further alleged that the accused, Sizwe Dhlomo, upon being called to the HR office to respond to Nkayi’s allegations presented audio evidence-a recording of Nkayi and Dhlomo’s argument- said to have been recorded by the microphones in the studio which were supposedly left on thus recording the dialogue between the two which proved Nkayi s allegations to be false.

Mzansi tweeps have reacted to the news and have been left seemingly unimpressed with Unathi Nkayi’s alleged conduct.

“If there was no evidence of the recording between Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi, Sizwe would [have] been cancelled by now and nabo ‘I believe Unathi’ would be on my TL [timeline] the whole day”, ” Unathi really has problems I am telling you. She is a true definition of a witch**. The only difference is that, she wasn’t seen flying using a broom. But she has all the aspects”, “Unathi Nkayi falsely accused Sizwe Dhlomo of abuse.

This thing is now getting out of hand, because soon people who are victims of GBV will be questioned. And this won’t paint a good picture”, “I’m honestly not surprised. The way Unathi handles road rage issues shows how she handles all conflict matters”, ” Idols must also cancel Unathi, for trying to ruin Sizwe’s career bro, a whole public figure, she must be cancelled “, read some of the tweets.