May 28, 2024

Unathi Calls for Stellenbosch Urinating Student Banned From All Institutions

Unathi reacts to Stellenbosch student video

Media personality Unathi Nkayi reacted to the Stellenbosch University video of a white student at the institution, urinating on a black student’s laptop and textbooks. Unathi is calling for criminal charges to be laid against the student and for him to never be allowed to learn at any learning institutions..

On Monday, Stellenbosch University suspended the student, regarding the situation as totally unacceptable, “destructive and hurtful”. Unathi did not hesitate in reacting to the video, and not shying out in saying how she feels about the act done by the suspended student. “He needs to be expelled, have criminal charges against him and be banned from all institutions of learning,” she said.

Actress Nambitha Ben-Mazwi also reacted on the video and said “Wait what?! Hold up. This is still happening in 2022?” Comedian Celeste Ntuli also expressed her rage and shock, saying “Racism is the major problem.”

Prof Wim de Villiers, Vice-chancellor to the institution said: “We are appalled by this type of behaviour. Such conduct will not be tolerated at the university. We acted swiftly and decisively to uphold our commitment to a culture [of] inclusivity. What happened at Huis Marais is not acceptable. No student has the right to diminish another student’s human dignity or rights in this way.”

The residence management  also condemned the incident. “The student affected is clearly still in shock after his very upsetting and painful ordeal. He is still trying to process what happened and was offered counselling. He will be supported as and when required to ensure his academic progress is not affected by the incident.”