Jun 18, 2024

Umdeni Fans Still Disturbed by MaLwandle’s Death


The passing of Lwazi Madonsela known as MaLwandle on MojaLove Umdeni, a show that showcases a polygamous marriage Kolobe and Maseko who are married and involved in intimate relationships with gays.

MaLwandle who moved from Kolobe to Maseko along with his brother, shocked fans when an announcement of his death came to be. He was a calm character but made silent jokes all the time to get a laugh from co-wives, he was one of the five involved in an intimate relationship with Maseko.

MaLwandle’s fans are saddened by his untimely death. The show focused on their journeys as sangomas, but also their commitment to their partners. In season one, he was with Kolobe and due to constant fights he was seen in season two with Maseko. On the later stage of season two, MaLwandle was not as active or has less appearances, however in the recent shows his name came up when Maseko was updating the wife’s of a traumatic even that fallen on the family.

It has been two days since the announcement of his death and fans are still sending out their condolences to the friends and family. Cause of death is still undisclosed.