Jun 22, 2024

Uber drivers protest outside Parliament


Uber drivers read and handed their memorandum of demands to parliament earlier today, stating their grievances with their employers and the city of Cape Town.

In their memorandum of demands Uber drivers stated that they want the city of Cape Town to clarify why it is the only city in the country that is impounding e-hailing vehicles.

Bolt and Didi drivers together marched to parliamentary house, in their memorandum of demands, they state being exploited by their employers in this case Bolt, Uber and Didi who do not cover or pay them in terms of accidents that occure on the road, being theft or car accidents.

E-hailing drivers are demanding that their employers buy them data and protect them incase of accidents, stated in their memorandum the drivers say the employers charge them high fees and they do not earn any commissions from the drives they make.

Complaints against Uber have been increasing,  few months ago Dr Malinga also took it to social media expressing how his kid was transported in a stolen uber car, stating the public safety issues as his concern.