Jun 22, 2024

Two killed, Ten left injured after being struck by lightning in Mpumalanga


According to emergency services, two people were killed and ten others were left injured after being struck by lightning on a soccer field in Sheepmoor, Mpumalanga, on Saturday, 20 November 2021.

What was supposed to be a fun day for two soccer youngsters ended in tragedy yesterday after losing their lives at the tender ages of 18. “ER24 and the Provincial EMS arrived on the scene shortly after 18h00 to find two men lying beneath a tree while ten others were scattered around the soccer field,” ER24 said.

“Medics assessed the patients and found that the two men beneath the tree, both believed to be 18-years-old, showing no signs of life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them, and they were declared dead. Ten other men and women were assessed and found to have sustained injuries ranging from minor to serious,” added ER24.

Local authorities were called onto the scene for further investigations. The South African Weather Service has warned of more severe weather conditions to continue with more severe thunderstorms resulting in heavy rain that may result in heavy flooding, strong damaging winds and large amounts of small hail in the eastern and coastal parts of the country.