Jul 21, 2024

Two Educators involved in the alleged Eastern Cape Bullying, Suspended


The two teachers who were involved in the alleged bullying and tormenting of a Bhisho High School pupil Lathitha Nako, have been place on a special leave.

State Security Deputy Minister Zizi Kodwa along with Head of Education Department Naledi Mbude, visited the family of the victim on Tuesday 24 November 2021, where it was revealed to them that the two educators implicated in the event were placed on special leave, while arrangements for punishment was made for a number of learners involved.

Lathitha was bullied at schools by teachers and leaners for having a spiritual calling, she was named a witch by the claimed suspects which led to the victim committing suicide. Kodwa mentioned that his visit to the family was to pay his respect and that the department officials brought news to him that earlier in the day, a seven-day multidisciplinary investigation would be conducted.

“Schools needed to create a conductive and safe environment for learning where tolerance is practised by all in the school community, instances such as these must never happen. We should be worried that this incident was the tip of the iceberg.” said Kodwa. He added on that having people mistreated based on their beliefs and religion, belittles the foundation and principles of the constitution.

“There could be many similar instances in that school and arrears of Eastern Cape. We must condemn such actions.”

Kodwa also made it clear that school is where pupils should feel more safe and able to report bullying taking place. He brought it to light that the department has implemented a strong step with a decision to place the educators are placed on special leave to assist in normalising the situation also hoping his visit would bring an end to the bullying.

Police were patrolling around the school, however all was calm as there was no sign of protesters on ground, whereas on Monday hundreds of protestors flocked the school including traditional healers. Mbude said an action will be made once the seven-day investigation has been completed and that the family will continue to receive the psychosocial support.