May 28, 2024

Twitter users raise awareness on ARV’s


On Fathers Day, twitter blew on raising awareness on ARV’s and it opened a floor for many to ask questions and gain further knowledge on the incurable virus.

Its rare to find people openly discuss their HIV status, however in this case it was educational where they were informing on the significance of taking ARV’s and how taking them has contributed in making their lives easier and effective. It appears being consistent intaking your ARV, may lead to an undetectable viral load.

@khanyisa_ndoda says “Because of ARVs I worry less about infecting someone’s child U=U 8 years on ARVs mara I cure yona is a Need.” The topic opened a platform to encourage the decrease of stigma, promote the significance of Prep and ARVs, also enhance the significance in showing support and not judging your partner when they disclose their statuses.