May 27, 2024

Twitter Recap Drosty Hof Moments


There’s something about wine,the stories we hear are hilarious but scary, however there’s definitely something about Drosty Hof. The stories are extreme, beyond just waking up with a hang over. Twitter had a Drosty Hof moment where they shared all the embarrassing moments they came across  from drinking the wine.

The stories are hilarious and relatable at the same time. Social users had stories to share, and most of their experiences ended with regrets. From calling your ex lover for a sleep over, exchanging deep kisses with your aunt, to actually getting in bed with your boss only to wake up for work, head to the office and work around eyes starring at you all day. The stories shared indicated that just from one glass, the wine can lead you astray and end up performing acts which you later regret.

Some have woken up next to their vomit not once but twice. Left cars at groove only to report it missing the next morning. Ex boyfriends have been called in for service, husband’s who cheat have indirectly confessed to cheating.

It’s clear from the stories that when drinking this wine cellphones should be off and far away from you, as the ladies have indicated their sexual drive reaches maximum level when taking in the wine. Guys lose their memories and do things they’d never do when drink. With some lucky enough to go past traffic roadblocks, Drosty Hof has shown alcohol consumers to never underestimate wine and to also take alcohol consumption seriously.

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