Apr 18, 2024

Tutu’s Wish for a Cheap Coffin, Simple Burial, Granted

As it has been made public knowledge that the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu who died on 26 December 2021, wants a simple funeral, and that includes the cheapest coffin ever made.

Tutu’s last wishes are being granted and as for the biggest request which is a simple burial, a lot is indicating a significant to what the late Archbishop wants. Tutu demanded to not be given a state funeral which left confusion as to how will the flag be handed over to the family.

It is tradition that the flag will be folded by the members of the South African National Defence Force, handed to the president of the country will thereafter pass it over to Tutus wife. Questions as to how it will be done, after he made it clear he does not want the army present at his funeral are roaming in the air.

Even with a cremation on the table, one is allowed to still choose the coffin of their choice but the late Archbishop did not see the importance in that, pressing on simplicity. Tutu wanted a funeral that may be seen normal to other citizens, however it raised eyebrows as many go all out for funerals from food to buying clothes for the day of the burial, even leading to many going into debt to provide a dignified funeral.

With the Arch, all is different, the word simple in his request is granted, he demanded a simple funeral and it has been so, His body was viewed with him in a simple hand crafted coffin made of wood with rope handles. His body will be cremated on Saturday and interred at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.