Jul 21, 2024

Tsakane Residents Without Water for Days.

It’s been about five days since residents in Tsakane Ekurhuleni are without water, having to rely on water tanks.

It’s been about five days since residents of Tsakane in Ekurhuleni are without water, having to rely on water tanks.

The schools just returned to full time attendance only a few days ago and for the past five days and schools had to turn back the learners due to no water at schools, negatively affecting the learners academic pace.

The community urges the city of Ekurhuleni to open the tanks for learners to head back to school.They say there hasn’t been an explanation from city of Ekurhuleni as to what the actual issue could be and when to expect water.

Very young children are at home assisting parents to fetch water where located, traveling long distance to get to water tanks, 2km to 5km some even longer than that. Fortunate enough some neighbors with cars are assisting residents.

The government has constantly been informing South Africans the significance of constantly washing hands, although l Tsakane residents say they are now at high risk of contracting Covid-19 with the absence of water for close to a week. “During this covid time we are urged to wash our hands but how do they do that without water at work.”

According to them, their laundry is piling up, and can not rely on the water they get from tankers to do laundry but rather the essential like drinking and cooking with.

The city of Ekurhuleni mayor and MMC for water and energy will be having a briefing this afternoon as an update to residents as to what has caused this and when can they expect water restoration.

This has been a struggle for the elderly and people with disabilities living alone.