Jun 18, 2024
Entertainment International

Trevor Noah Outstand Hosting Grammys

Trevoh Noah

You have to label South African Trevor Noah as the best comedian. Second time Hosting the Award show, Trevor kept the crowd giggling their way throughout the show.

And after being warned not to attempt The Will Smith joke, like the brave man he is he went ahead and said “we’ll keep people’s names out of our mouths” if you didn’t get it then get outta here kind of joke.

Trevor had fun being the host of the show, even the forever serious faced BTS group gave the comedian run for the money during his Korean jokes, with Jongkook’s name on his tongue. When seated with them, Trevor looked like the part matching suits, personality and mood for laughs. Or could you say the backstage dance moves Jongkook found to be cool helped ease the BTS group.

For South Africa, the night meant night of achievements, Trevor Noah hosting for the second time and not getting smacked and DJ Black Coffee receiving Award for Best Danceo/Electronic music album, put the cherry on icing for mzansi, seeing two proudly South African men, progress internationally, not forgetting the young woman Thuso Mbedu and Nomzamo Mbatha.

Awards are scary since the Will Smith slap saga that got comedians wondering am I next. In this case Trevor took the chance and well, it got the crowd laughing apart from Bruno Mars’ reaction with the “we don’t talk about Bruno joke”