Jun 22, 2024

“Travis Scott is evil”: conspiracy theories about US rapper Travis Scott

Travis Scott

“Travis Scott is evil”: conspiracy theories about US rapper Travis Scott have emerged on social media following Astro World disaster.

Twitter has come alive with conspiracy theories about US rapper Travis Scott as tweeps think something bigger may have been behind the deaths of 8 people at Travis Scott’s Astro World concert on Friday, 05 November 2021, in Houston, Texas, USA.

According to multiple reports, Eight (8) people were killed in a stampede during the Astro World concert during Travis Scott’s performance as fans were pushing to get to the stage.

Ever since the tragedy social media has come abuzz with conspiracy theories being thrown around about the concert with disturbing pictures and videos surfacing showing the entire ‘Satanic/demonic’ theme and set up of the show as well as pictures of the shirt the rapper was wearing during his performance.

” Travis  is a Satanist”, “I just went to bed, but now I’m way down the Travis is a demon rabbit hole. Thanks a lot, internet”, “Travis Scott sold his soul to the devil. Astro World was a BLOOD SACRIFICE. He took 8 innocent lives to pledge his allegiance to the occult elite. ‘He didn’t do it on purpose!’ SO WHY IS HE SINGING AS THEY CARRY OFF A DEAD BODY THEN?!?”, ” This was evil! No one can tell me otherwise. And these were kids that lost their lives because Travis Scott wouldn’t stop the show. Satanic written all over this !!! RIP to those babies that lost their lives”.

According to multiple reports, the rapper and several other organizers of the event are facing a lawsuit following the tragedy at the concert.