May 24, 2024

TouchDown With Tbo Touch Back on Radio waves

Tbo Touch

The “Boom” you all been waiting for has arrived, the love Tbo Touch made his way back on radio and his fans are raging with excitement to once again hear the voice that brought many to radio.

When they talk about the voice of radio, Tbo Touch is bound to make it on the top of the list. Those days when voice mattered but intelligence was the the cherry on top, are back on your radio. Tbo Touch made his comeback Friday 01 April, with a banger show.

The radio icon will be a host of the most every Monday to Friday 15:00-18:00. So buckle up on your way back as there’s more to come, ladies hold your horses now, just as you used to say use the Tbo Touch voice, here’s your chance once more to listen to it every weekdays, in time for traffic jams.

The return of Tbo Touch was celebrated by many, including EFF leader Julius Malema. Social media users who tuned it say the prayer moment he had with his mother over a call was the highlight of the show for them but would prefer he tones down on the commercials (ads) next time. If you missed the show, don’t freak, Monday is only two days away.