Apr 18, 2024

Winnie Mandela | Three Men Killed in an alleged mob attack

Winnie Mandela

Three-men have been confirmed dead after being attacked by community members and set alight, the incident took place on Saturday morning, in Winnie Mandela north of Tembisa in Ekurhuleni.

It is alleged that in the early hours of Saturday 5 men broke into a house and raped a woman and her kids, it was around 01:00 am on Saturday when these men left the house of the rape victims and were caught. According to a witness, the men allegedly tried to shoot the patrols of the area but failed, they tried to run, but it was too late as they were caught.

Although 2 of the men managed to escape, 3 of them were dealt with by an angry community, according to eyewitnesses, the members of the Winnie Mandela community rounded up suspects by beating one after another, they were beaten up, with everything at the hands of the mob while they were lying on the ground helpless and begging for forgiveness, they were then set alight, and their bodies charred beyond recognition.

Community members have accused these men of terrorizing them, raping their kids, killing their friends and families, and robbing them of their hard-earned money, cellphones, jewelry, and furniture.