Jun 22, 2024

Thor: Love and Thunder trailer released

Marvel studios has released a trailer to the highly anticipated 4th installment in the Thor film series. Thor: Love and thunder is set to grace our cinemas in July 2022.

“I need to figure out exactly who I am. I want to choose my own path, live in the moment. My super-heroing days are over,” says Thor played by actor Chris Hemsworth in the trailer.

The trailer is set to the Guns N’ Roses hit, Sweet Child of Mine and gives insight into the superhero’s journey to finding inner peace. While the trailer unveils the return of fan favorites like the guardians of the Galaxy It ends with a shot of Jane Foster(Natalie Portman) wielding Thor’s hammer . This after the actress sat out the 3rd installment Thor: Ragnarok  released in 2017.

We see Natalie Portman in the full Mighty Thor armor and hammer in hand for the first time at the end of the Thor: Love And Thunder trailer released on Monday along with a poster of actor Chris Hemsworth as Thor.“And you thought you were the one and only”, teased actress Natalie Portman as she took to Instagram to share a poster of Jane in the Thor amor to which Chris responded “looks mighty good on you”

Fans had long speculated on Jane’s cancer storyline in the new installment as she had battled with breast cancer in the comics. It is set to be a great part of Jane’s journey to eventually wielding the hammer. The trailer reached over 200 millions views within 24 hours becoming the 4th most viewed MCU trailer in 24 hours.