Jun 15, 2024

“This is definitely Uncle Waffle’s month…” | Musician Uncle Waffles new hit song ‘Tanzania’ sends Mzansi tweeps into frenzy


Musician Uncle Waffles new hit song ‘Tanzania’ has sent fans into a frenzy with social media abuzz over the newly released club banger.

Renowned DJ Uncle waffles has released a new single called Tanzania featuring Tony Cuardo , Boi Bizza and Sino Msoloi and fans seemingly already cannot get enough of the track.

Some fans on social media have gone as far as officially declaring March as Uncle Waffles month following the release of the hit song.

” This is definitely Uncle waffles month! She just released a song called Tanzania”, “Tanzania by Uncle Waffles is such a banger*. I can’t wait to hear the whole EP when this one already sounds so great”, “No man shout out to Uncle Waffles! That Tanzania song she just dropped?! I hope it gets the credit that it deserves, it’s a hit”, read some of the tweets.