Jul 21, 2024

Therence Magomane | Dreams Delayed Are Not Dreams Denied

Therence Magomane | Dreams Delayed Are Not Dreams Denied

Therence Magomane popularly known by his stage name “Master Chemical”  born and bred in Tickyline Ga-Sekororo just outside the township of Tzaneen.

Magomane is not only a singer but a versatile producer and an independent founder of Ghost Vision Records SA which is based in Randburg. With passion for Hip Hop, RNB, Trap and other genres are included in his productions

Through his love and passion for music the 31 year old established his recording label in 2005 which currently has 7 artists under it’s name and looking to sign more in order to grow outside the spectrum.

“I grew up listening to DJ Skero and DJ Fresh , that alone was enough to make fall in love music, and the reason why I started this recording label it’s because I want to build and mould kids of today that may be interested in music to do better.”

Working tirelessly the 31 year recently signed up an agreement between his recording label and FEIYR, a digital music distribution service based in Germany, giving his recording label the ability to sell their music through the main international digital retailers.

“FEIYR will be distributing our music to all digital platforms like YouTube,  SoundCloud  and Amazon , pondora  ect….and even do some Billboards for every song they will be distributing for us.” He added

In addition Magomane conveyed a piece of advice to those who wants to follow up on his footsteps by saying, “I would like to say never give up no matter what people are saying, no matter how they try to bring you down. No matter how hard it is just focus on what you want and teach yourself to take advices from others, One last thing love and respect your work and your fans.” he concluded.