May 20, 2024

Theo Mphosi Memorial Service | Family and Friends pay tribute to Mr CEO


Following the passing of Mr Theo Mphosi on Sunday 05 June 2022, family and friends held a memorial service for the Global Oil CEO on Thursday afternoon at Broadlands Estate, Polokwane.

Global oil staff described Mr Theo as loving, caring boss and someone you can rely on at all times, paying tribute the staff stated that Theo treated all of them with respect from cleaning staff to managers. The staff assured the family that they are ready and dedicated to work with the family to keep Mr Theo Mphosi’s legacy alive.

Mr Theo Mphosi’s children described him as a loving father who was always there for them, a forever loving and smilling person, who provided and cared for them at all times. His daughter Mmatshepo, stated that she lost a best friend, even though they faught a lot they also shared lots of happy memories.

Mr Mphosi’s father in law described him as a son to him not only a son in law, the mother in law stated how mr Mphosi loved her daughter at all times and how he will bring flowers and shower her daughter with love at all times. She went on to state how much Mr Mphosi loved his children.

His younger brother Selai shared the relationship he had with his brother, how they were always together and how he looked up to him.he continued to share how Theo was a dreamer, visionary and had personality that is larger than life. His uncle described him as community builder and that you will never ask help from him and not get it.

He touched on how he was a good businessman and created employment opportunities for thousand of families in different provinces, the uncle stated that Theo’s plan was to have atleast 16 filling station and today Global oil owns over 152 filling stations all over the country.