May 28, 2024

The Wife Showmax | Naledi Character Embraced by Women


More and more women have come out to embrace the Naledi Character played by Gaisang Noge on the series The Wife Showmax. The character happens to be Qhawe’s lover who struggles to accept her body. She portrayes the role surrounding body positivity and slowly overcoming it with the help of Qhawe Zulu.

Naledi is a character that many women come across and can relate, living in a world where being chubby gets mocked and judged, leading to insecurites towards the body type. On The Wife, Naledi meets Qhawe, one of the Zulu brothers and they instantly fall in love. Their love story and Qhawe loving her with all her flaws. In this scene, Naledi having a shameful feeling about her body size, her lover Qhawe chips in to put her at ease, show her body is beautiful.

Fans of the show say they relate to the character of Naledi, which gives them goosebumps and happy chills. Some say they wish to have or come across a Qhawe once in their lifetime, while other wish they regret not holding on to the Qhawe’s who loved their bodies.

Women in the situation feel they are not enough and worthy to be loved, this making it hard for them to fully partake during intimacy, as their insecurites regarding their body kick in the minute their partners undress and take a glance at their body.