Jul 21, 2024

The Village Pop Up Market | Covering Books Giving Learners a Head Start

“Igniting The Dignity And Confidence Spark In The Little Ones Looking Ahead Into The School Calendar Year.” The Village Pop Up Market,

“Igniting The Dignity And Confidence Spark In The Little Ones Looking Ahead Into The School Calendar Year.” The Village Pop Up Market, theme of the year.

Setlhanka Mothibi (32) presents to you the village pop up market, a none profit project that works with the community to cover school books, a week prior to the schools re-opening. Do you understand the frustration of not having your books covered? That’s how Mothibi and partners founded the company to minimise or to fully put an end on the frustration within Marapyane and Lefiso.

Founded on 2 February 2021, The Village Pop up Market is once again visiting the two halls of Marapyane and Lefiso, covering as many books as possible for before learners make their way back to school. This initiative has not been available for long but the change it has brought in the community is of a remarkable record.

The initiative this year started on 03 January and will be available until 07 January, with the possibility of extending it until 16 January, to accommodate those who might not have access to school books before the 7th of this month. The project only runs in January when school year starts.

“The goal for this project is in three folds. One is to help the young ones prepare for the academic year ahead by covering their books. Two is to bring together the community to work together with a common goal and three, is to create a platform whereby people get to know each other, be it an SMME, graduate, political and traditional leadership etc, thus creating a networking environment. We hope to create an environment conducive to working together and helping one another.” expressed Mothibi

The Village Pop up Market is one project that is for the community, they do not choose who they help cover their books or from what kind of a family background you come from, the project welcomes everyone who brings their books to the hall, with the help of community members who devote their time into covering the books.

Late deliveries of books to schools is a setback for the project as other kids deserving to have their books covered miss out of such an opportunity and will have to opt for other options which end up as a strain to their finance. People have been stigmatizing the project founders as financially benefitting from the innovation, and according to Mothibi, this is not for financial gain but due the understanding of what a struggle covering books is to many.

Being reliant on donations from local businesses and community members to afford the purchasing of book covers, there are still challenges the company face but regardless the team goes on. The Village Pop up Market encourages everyone with books to make their way to Marapyane and Lefiso halls to also get the service.

Anyone who wishes to assist The Village Pop up Market with donations, can make use of their Capitec Account: 137 359 803 2 or if you would like to offer help in covering the books with them, you are welcome to join TEAM A at Marapyane Hall and TEAM B at Lefiso community Hall.