Jul 20, 2024

The Safety of Security Guards at Schools Stand Questioned


Another security guard has been killed on school premises. The department of Education in Mpumalanga have raised their concerns and worry of school security guards being killed, increasing in numbers.

A security guard was found dead at Allendale Secondary School at Emalahleni. The body of the 46 year old was found by the school principal in the morning and was reported dead by the paramedics who attended to the crime scene of the incident after the principal alerted the police.

The department of Education has since sent out its officials to offer support to the school affected by the horror and to further gather information that might help with investigations on the matter and to verify whether psychological assistance will be needed by the school.

A serious condemnation regarding the killing of security officers stationed at schools was issued out by Bonakele Majuba MEC of Education, whom was also reported to visit the affected school this Monday to get a full on report on the incident.

The security guard murderers are still unknown, the information indicating on how his death came about has not yet been released by the department. Meanwhile the department of education is condemning crime activities that transpire in school premises.