Jul 20, 2024

The public anticipates hearing directly from the Facebook Whistleblower


In recent weeks, Facebook has been reportedly trying to suppress internal leaks while at the same time striving to see the source of disclosures to the media that led to coverage that is damaging to the company.

Not so long ago, A Facebook whistleblower turned to regulators and also the media to disclose secrets that Facebook  attempted to keep under wraps, by all means, providing thousands of internal documents to federal regulators that allegedly show that the company lied about its ability to fight hate, violence, and misinformation on its platform

The whistleblower, is set to reveal her identity in a nationally broadcast interview this coming Sunday on CBS, Where she will testify about Facebook’s “toxic effects” on young users. The ex-Facebook employee will give a critical testimony on Tuesday as well before Congress about the company’s ignorance, as well as the harm caused by its products, and the impact their product has on young users’ mental health

Facebook has a lot to explain in the coming weeks, From overlooking the negative impacts of its platforms on teens’ mental health to its incapability to police for trafficking, domestic servitude, and other harmful content, according to the Whistleblower lawyers, the company could pursue a breach of contract suit if the ex-employee signed a nondisclosure agreement.

According to The legal experts, the whistleblower can be sued for defamation in connection with the disclosure of the documents, breach of fiduciary duty, if the whistleblower was in an executive position. Nonetheless, Facebook executive Antigone Davis said the company will not retaliate against the whistleblower for addressing Congress.

The whistleblower’s lawyer Havian said the whistleblower’s greatest protections are non-legal, “Simply that Facebook is trying hard to present itself as a good citizen, and it doesn’t burnish that image when you go after people who do nothing more than reveal the truth of what’s going on at the company.” Facebook spokesman declined to comment, and the Facebook whistleblower Lawyer Andrew Bakaj also declined to comment.

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