Jul 21, 2024

The New Nissan Navara Can Detect When Your Drowsy

Nissan Navara

Nissan has released the new 2021 Navara, that is tech enabled and can assist the driver in accidental situations. The car is available in both double and single cap.

The new Navara was made in South Africa, the car possess some of the best features such as connectivity, interior comfort and intelligent mobility. Navara is available with both 2.5 litre intercooled turbo diesel and 2.5 litre petrol engine.

It is available in both 7 speed automatic and 6 speed manual transmission, with its high power it can tow 3500kg weight, with ease.

The car is technologically enhanced with hands free, Bluetooth, navigation system and USB ports for all the passengers. It has apple connect and android auto to allow you to entertain yourself while on your journey.

Favourite of them all is that the car has dual zone automatic temperature control that allows you to warm yourself while your passengers enjoy their cool temperature.

The new Navara automatically turns on the wipers and adjusts the wiper speed depending on the rainfall.

It has an intelligent key that allows you to open the car door while the key is in the bag or pocket

Navara intelligent driver alertness monitors your steering patterns and if the system detects you might be getting drowsy and need a break, it alerts you with a chime and a coffee cup icon on your display.

High Beam Assist can automatically deactivate Navara’s high beams if it detects an oncoming vehicle, which automatically makes you a more polite driver. After the driver has passed, the system can reactivate the high beams.

The new Navara comes at an affordable price of R311 000, which is way more cheaper compared with other brands such as ford and Mazda.


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