Jun 18, 2024

The Murder om EMLM Officials and Burning of Komani Town Hall Leaves Families Distraught


The Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality Councillors and staff members are mourning after one of their staff member is murdered.

Alungile Mfubesi was killed by unknown men, it is said that he has passed away in result of a brutal murder. The Mfubesi family is still trying to come to terms with the loss of their son.According to the police, investigation is still ongoing and at this level, the motive for the murder of Mfubesi has not been identified.

It is unfortunate that the late Mfumbesi murder is now being used to create the negative narratives meant to bring down the image of the Municipality. These untested allegations have also been used by a certain section of residents as a pretext to organize an illegal protest.

The public is asked on the murder of Mfubesi to give the SAPS space to conduct their investigation and wait for a report as any form of interference may jeopardise the investigation. The COGTA MEC instituted an investigation into Lesseyton Sports Facility in 2021. Enoch Mgijima Municipality has always cooperated with the investigating team and information that was requested was provided as there was nothing to hide.

The Municipality assures the public that, the Enoch Mgijima Municipality is a transparent government institution that promotes good governance. The Municipality said it wishes to reiterate that the murder of Mfubesi and the burning of the Komani Town Hall are matters under investigation.