Apr 16, 2024

The Limpopo Podcast Top 10 List Of 2021 Causes A Stir On Social Media.

Limpopo Podcast

Limpopo Podcast has now joined Thobela FM by making it to the spotlight. It has only been a week following the song of the year chaos on Thobela FM.

The Limpopo Podcast Top 10 Artists list that was released by the media house was criticized as it didn’t include artists from Limpopo as a whole and big artists in the province like King Monada, Makhadzi and Master KG weren’t on the list. These raised the eyebrows of Irate Fans of King Monada and Makhadzi as they went as far as questioning the selection criteria of the Limpopo podcast as well as criticising it for only including Bolobedu Artists.

Some of King Monada’s fans went as far as attacking one of the hosts, Omee Otis as he is believed to be King Monada’s nemesis following the quarrels between the two artist that started in 2019 with Omee Otis releasing a hit single named “Letter to the King.” Telling King Monada to stop being selfish.

According to the YouTube video uploaded by Limpopo Podcast the selection criteria of the top 10 was based on how the artists have been doing in terms of their social media activity, how often their tracks are being played, lyrical content and their genre.

The host, Omee Otis also added on the matter on Facebook by revealing that the reason why big artists like King Monada, Prince Benza, Makhadzi, Benny Mayengani, Razolo and other artists it’s because they were never featured in any of their podcasts in 2021.

Icon Lamaf topped the list meanwhile there wasn’t a winner for the 2nd spot and Waswa Moloi obtained position 3.

Overall list:

1.Icon Lamaf


  1. Waswa Moloi
  2. Prince J Malizo
  3. Bad Comapany 226
  4. Biodizzy
  5. Motlanalo
  6. Lil Meri
  7. The Look Drumboy
  8. Mabrino Drumboys