Jun 15, 2024

The JG Zuma Foundation on Giving out proof of Zuma’s Good


The Zuma Foundation has on twitter made reveals on what the money went into, money Zuma is accused of having stolen, according to the State Capture Report.

H.E President Zuma through his Foundation ensured that there are graduates that were sponsored from start to finish.” wrote the Zuma Foundation on a tweet. According to the report, Former President Jacob Zuma has stolen money and all that resulted in corruption; however, the JG Zuma Foundation disagrees.

Tweeps had a few to say, some feeling sorry for the students being funded with stolen money while others say they do not see a problem in this and are rather happy that the money was stolen for the benefit of the poor.

“If stealing is done to help 25k poor to attain something for themselves in life, while those with “clean” money have nothing to show for it, except ballooning their bodies chowing their “clean” money, surely that stealing is better isn’t it! I’d vote for it any time!” wrote one of the tweeps

After State Capture requested, they JG Zuma Foundation to give proof of how they used the money for all the years, the Foundation has been sending out tweets giving the public pictures as proof to say the money the foundation receives actually goes back to the people who need it the most. The public has also shared a few pictures of twitter tagging the commission to see the work done by the foundation as per requested.