Apr 18, 2024

The curfew has been lifted Happy New Year from the President

minister Nkosazana

“The curfew will be lifted. There will therefore be no restrictions on the hours of movement of people.” Says Presidency

Good news for South Africans who for the past week have been questioning as to whether or not this year will be the same as last where the country was lockdown and to be within their premises at 23:00. Well the good news came at the right time for the country.

South Africa is known for their humour and the talent of having fun even under circumstances. When Covid-19 first started before landing in the country, SA made hilarious video clips and a song about the virus, until the first case was reported and a lockdown was instilled.

The Presidency brought excitement and vibe to many after it was announced on a tweet that the country will not have a curfew for New Year’s eve giving people the freedom to roam the street after midnight as they have in the previous years before last.

The curfew being lifted also left questions, as to is this freedom for one day or until further notice. Concerns are high with worry from people about the consequences the lifted curfew will bring. A number of trauma cases will go high at hospitals, after they have declined thanks to restrictions.