May 20, 2024

The Bloodline and Roman Reigns take down the RK-Bro


At wwe wrestlemania backlash the booldline and Roman Reigns took on Randy Orton, Riddle (RK-Bro) and Drew McIntyre in a six men tag team match, the much anticipated match between the six man produced as much as anticipated by the wwe universe.

The bloodline walked away victorious after edging RK-Bro and Drew in a match that took all six men to their limits, Romain Reigns and Drew teared each other apart while the bloodline was busy with Randy Orton and Riddle in the encounter that saw all men destroy the ring.

After hitting Jay USO with a spear RKO from the top of the ring Riddle was taken out by a spear from Romain Reigns who was the legal man at the time. Roman teased taking a break from wrestling after walking away victorious at wwe wrestlemania backlash.

It is known that Roman Reigns recovered from cancer, a break will do him good as he has been on action more time than he should be resting.