Jun 22, 2024

The Black Door Has Viewers Locked on Screens

Apart from its nudity nature, The Black Door gets Etv viewers buzzing in excitement. Having local soapies take over the after nine slot has pleased many, replacing international series. Viewers enjoy catching up to local soapies, most especially those who do not have access to EVOD.

The Black Door, Isphindiselo and Isono is the talk of the town they all circulate on revenge, power and crime. Having such to watch and proudly South African is what keeps fans glued to their screens for more. The energy in the change, the reality of seeing a familiar plays portrayed just as is, makes the soapies worth watching.

The soapie consist of actors who have been out of camera. Seeing their return on the soapie brought more smiles. Actor and leading role played by Linda Sebenzo is a character many look out for. It’s adult content may still be disturbing to other most especially when Zodwa Wabantu made an appearance, however they say her acting is not as bad as there thought it would.

Obviously Lucius Lyon will be missed, the Blacklist with Elizabeth but local is always lekker, the ne change is loved and enjoyed by viewers, which led to viewers heading to social media under the Etv page to comment on the change. People are loving the slot, saying they don’t even get to watch Muvhango or any of the soapies they watched before the channel opted to go fully local. The Black Door airs Monday to Friday 21:30 on E.