Apr 16, 2024

Teachers and Learners Injured after a car drove into Staffroom

Learners car

In the early hours, a teacher’s car drove into a  staff room in Emalahleni, Kopanang secondary school leaving multiple students and staff members injured.

It is reported that the incident took place at Kopanong secondary school, where a teacher lost control of the car and drove through the wall of  the school’s  staff room leaving multiple casualities.

Assistant teachers and several learners were reported to have been injured due to the accident and they were rushed to Emalahleni hospital by emergency workers, for further examination of the injuries. It is still unknown what caused the car to drive into the wall as the matter is still under police investigation.

Mpumalanga department of education MEC Majuba is expected to visit the school to get further information as to what led to the incident, with examinations taking place, one wonders how are the affected learners going to be assisted to deal with the ordeal of the accident.

The MEC is expected to further give information on how the learners will be assisted to complete their exams as the state of their injuries is unknown at this point of time.


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