May 20, 2024

Taung Sangoma trainee drowns prior graduation


A second sangoma trainee in Taung, is said to have drowned after the lifeless body of 68 year old Maniekie Robert Botshelo was found floating at the river near a cave prior graduation.

Police were called by an individual believed to be his “Gobela”, who also happens to have found the victims body. It is alleged Botshelo suffered injuries after he fell and hit a rock. Sgt Tryphosa van Rooyen says the victim was laying face down in the river when police arrived.

“It appeared that he had drowned. An inquest case has been opened and is under investigation to determine what exactly transpired. The investigations will also determine the cause of his death,” van Rooyen said.

The community say they are concerned as this happens to be the second death of a sangoma trainee. A month ago, Boitshepo Sapelo (32) from Vryburg, is said to have also allegedly drowned while performing a ritual. In the same area where they found Botshelo, Sapelo and other trainee’s were performing the ritual, and during the process, Sapelo is said to have dissappeared.

“It is alleged that they were dipping themselves in the water and all of a sudden, Sapelo disappeared in the water. According to the information provided, a search for him commenced and his lifeless body re-surfaced after a few minutes.

“The police were immediately summoned to the scene and a case of the inquest was registered. The investigation into the matter continues,” she said.

The two families have not yet issued statements.