Talents Unused “Music is my passion”

Unused talents are similar to unanswered calls – they just keep calling. Matome Rakomana, like many individuals around the world, possesses a talent that he is reluctant to pursue.

Matome Rakomana is a lively 22-year-old talented rapper, songwriter and beatmaker from a small village in Tzaneen, Makhibidung, currently residing in East of Johannesburg. His passion for music started when he was 12 years old. Matome recalls stealing his parents’ discs and recording his own songs – little did he know that this was his talent and would later become his calling in life.

“My passion for music started when I was 12 years. I would often steal my parents’ discs, erase all their songs, and record my own music that I would listen to timeously. At that age, I thought I was just fooling around,” he said.

Rakomana has always felt that the music he listened to did not speak to him as a fan and did not allow him to get to know his favorite singers through their songs, so he began writing his own songs to modify the conception and feed his soul in the way he desired.

‘’The music that I write features my life story, my feelings, and my aspirations in life. I’ve always felt that musicians lacked the ability to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their fans through their music. They always sing more about where they are in life, what they have, rather than where they are headed and where they are from,” said Matome as he frowned.

Though Matome does not intend to become a full-time rapper, songwriter, or beat creator, he has collaborated with some of the most talented young and upcoming rappers, like ‘Lion King’ and ‘Rajrize 3Z.’ Most people have approached him and requested to collaborate with him, but he has declined.

“Music is my passion. However, I do not see myself making a living out of this talent. To me, it is more like my favourite hobby. Many people have praised me and told me that I am tremendously talented and that I have potential, and some, have asked to work with me but I rejected their requests. My own family has also relentlessly tried to encourage me to pursue a career in music but I refused because music is just my favourite hobby,” said Rakomana with a content smile.

Rakomana writes songs, makes beats, records music and sends it to anyone who is interested in listening and utilizing it – free of charge!

Despite the fact that Matome is currently unemployed and holds an Information Technology degree, he claims he does not vision himself generating money from his notable talent because he does not want to feel driven by fans to create additional or different music.

“Musicians nowadays live their lives in an attempt to make their fans happy – without fans, they are nothing. I would not want to make my success dependent on people’s preference and contentment. Learning to perfect this craft on its own is already hard, imagine having to always adjust the way you make your favourite music just to get recognized and idolized,” he said in bewilderment.

Though many people are saddened when the young guy dismisses his skill, he says he does not see himself as a musician in the long term. Rakomana’s dream job would be as a server technician, network technician, or software developer.

Teaching young and aspiring musicians in his area how to perfect their crafts and make wonderful music is now his forte, because he believes that this talent is similar to a skill that requires ‘great practice, love, and patience.

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