Apr 18, 2024

Sydney Manyama | Ga-Patamedi Ward Councillor candidate

Sydney Manyama

In the heart of the block 5 community, Sydney Manyama pledges to serve his community tirelessly. Manyama is contesting for ward 1 in Ga-Patamedi Block 5.

He revealed that his decision to stand as an independent councillor candidate comes as a result of years not being rendered the required service delivery in Block 5 such as water and health services.

Manyama was born and has always lived in Block 5, giving him the intention to bring about positive changes in his ward. “We are struggling to get transport because of the gravel road between Senakwe and Block 5, we wait for like 2-3 hours for transport, we also have to  travel from Block 5 to Block 6 for health services as it is alleged that our population statistics have been merged with Block 6 statistics, Block 5 is large enough to have its own clinic, I form part of the people who would like to see a change in our youth” said Manyama.

According  to Manyama, some of the strategic influence that can influence their lives, is for the youth to be in charge, as he stated that the current leadership isn’t of the current generation and cannot relate to the issues encountered by the youth.  He believes that accessible recreational facilities, transport, roads and updated infrastructure are needed in Block 5 village.

The independant candidate running for council, also believes that it is of paramount importance that community residents feel represented in all matters that concern their rights to access basic services.

Sydney Manyama has revealed that if elected he is committed and believes he can make a positive and meaningful contribution to people’s lives in his community. Politicians continue to carry out campaigns with the hopes of winning an extra vote from each voter. The faith of all candidates running for ward councillor in this upcoming local government election, lies at the polls in a few days, at the hands of voters.