May 20, 2024

Successful initiation season for Limpopo

Limpopo Initiation School

The government in Limpopo greeted with enthusiastic approval, this year’s initiation season as a huge success. Only one death was reported in the province since the reopening of initiation schools that were put on hold for the two years of covid19.

About 680 initiation schools were given the green light, and just about under 200 of those initiation schools, were for girls. The schools are meant to all come to the end next Week Sunday, to allow the children to go back to school and education commence on 19 July. Initiation school use the June/July school holidays, as they are the longest midterm holidays.

North West on the other hand was more successful as they recorded no deaths this season. Parents say they are happy to have all the boys and girl back, although they are in spirit with the family that lost a child during this season. Government has congratulated leaders for a successful season.