May 28, 2024

Stranded in Zim, DJ Tira offers $1000 Reward for passport

DJ Tira

Stranded in Zimbabwe, DJ Tira is offering a $1000 reward to whoever returns his passport. The South African artist was meant to return Sunday but unfortunately had to miss his flight upon discovering his passport is missing.

“I have a reward of $1000 (USD) for anyone to return my passport. Ndine mubairo we1000 kune munhu anodzosa passport yangu yakarasika” posted Tira

Although well wishes are being sent along with prayers for his return, social users say they have been looking all over for a passport with the name DJ Tira and see no hope until he states his real names. It is not yet known if DJ Tira will look at other options to return home and if the government will be involved in assisting him return to South Africa, ahead of his performances.

The Sunday he was meant to return, DJ Tira was booked to perform at the famous Konka which he missed out on and with many line ups still out, Tira will have to miss many more. 5Other artist have not also said anything on the matter but the lucky winner will be whoever lends their hand on the passport and bag over R17 000 in reward.