Apr 18, 2024

Stock theft raise to another level


Photos of a taxi carrying multiple cattles alleged to have been stolen is making the rounds on social media, taxi drivers are known for breaking the law while driving on the road but it appears now with this ailling economy taxis are now being used to commit criminal activities.

The taxi was stopped by cops in what appears to be a rural area carrying multiple cows that may account to a number of six, though this may turn out to not be because they were being stolen rather transported home after being bought, social media is alleging this as a crime of stock theft.

Multiple men are seen next to the vehicle while the other is chatting to the cops, it appears to be that the driver is being fined for transporting live stock in a vehicle that is meant and known for transporting people. Many are saying the driver is merely giving the animals a lift while other are urnong this into a major issue.

The police van appears to be of cops from piet plessis area, which is a small town in North West province, though it is unknown if a case has been opened with the police, ome cannot draw conclusions that this is a crime or not.