Jul 20, 2024

STI Condom Awareness Week Continues


This week celebrates STI and Condom Awareness in attempt to motivate people to come forward, test and take action against STI’s.

Reports have shown am increase in HIV positive statuses from youth in there early 20s and late teen years. It seems more and more youngsters seen to not opt the use of contraceptives agains STI and HIV.

The department of health is using this week to encourage the youth to come and test, also raise concerns and questions to gain more Knowledge about the awareness.

Max products which consists of Condoms for men both male and female, including lubricants. These products are free and accessable at any of the nearest clinics, and other health facilities.

The week is meant to lure the youth to clinics, educate them on the importance of using protection against unplanned pregnancies and STIs.

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