May 27, 2024

Steenhuisen: “Ramaphosa has something to hide”

Phala Phala Farm

DA leader John Steenhuisen calls on the president to come clean regarding the February 2020 break-in at his Phala Phala Farm, following a allegations made by former spy boss Arthur Fraser.

Fraser laid a criminal complaint against President Cyril Ramaphosa, and issued a statement, claiming Ramaphosa has stolen money hidden at his farm and that he conducts other criminal acts such as kidnapping and torturing. Since the release of the statement, the public feels the president is silent about the matter.

The president denied the claims, but according to Steenhuisen “Clearly, President Ramaphosa has something to hide. He needs to stop hiding behind the false cover of a ‘pending investigation’ and explain to the nation why he failed to report this massive theft and why he used state resources to try to retrieve his dirty dollars.”

Steenhuisen says the Phala Phala Farm and a president who counts dollars while his people are  makes SA look bad to the rest of the world. “President Ramaphosa is not just dragging his own name through the mud. This scandal is incredibly damaging to South Africa’s image abroad.”

“The ANC is dying anyway. Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala scandal is damaging the South African economy and our prospects for creating jobs for the unemployed youth he professes to care about. His Presidency has been characterised as one of consistently putting party before country,” he said.