May 20, 2024
Business News

Standard Bank faces outage | ATMs and card machines affected

Standard Bank

Standard Bank has confirmed with the public on facing outage, they announced that the bank is currently suffering a major issue which prevents customers from “using their cards at ATMs and Point of Sale devices.” This comes after a massive spike in reports of Standard Bank “issues on Down Detector beginning at around 9:00.”

The bank has advised their clients to “get cash by redeeming an instant money voucher at certain retailers (Spar, PnP, Game, Makro, Builders and PEP) or pay using EasyScan at PnP as an alternative.” Even them saying they are fixing the hiccup, clients are still reporting to being able to make use of their card or any other alternatives.

“Imagine all my bank cards are from Standard now im stuck at a petrol station with places to be they poured petrol now card doesn’t work… ” Businesses seem to also suffer with their sales, as Standard Bank users keep getting the declines alert when making payments or instant payment.

“Unfortunately your SnapScan solution also fails. As a merchant is very difficult to offer client alternative payment methods if they do to have cash, customers very upset with us as the business because of this outage”