May 28, 2024
Economy News

SRD R350 | Mid-June payments with backpay

Mid-June has arrived for the R350 SRD beneficiaries who have patiently waiting for payments for over two months since April 2022. The president Cyril Ramaphosa has promised that payments will indeed be made after receiving a confirmation report from Sassa. Beneficiaries were promised back pay leading back to April.

After the long awaiting period for payments, beneficiaries are still with pending statuses on their profile. This creates anxiousness for beneficiaries who are in the process of loosing hope, after sassa announced that many will be cut off from receiving the R350 SRD grant. Sassa says they have made a request to banks, grant them access to accounts belonging to applicants.

The organisation says they only have R44 billion which will fund about 105 million beneficiaries. Payments were halted since April,and sassa concluded they will reopen applications which they received 106 million new applications and also promising back pay payments. A lot has happened in the country since then, with petrol prices and price in rease on essential food items. Poor beneficiaries who will be cut out during this rounds of payments, are forced to look for ways to make ends meet.

The public is also reminded that Post office will no longer be issuing out SRD payments, calling on people to make use of supermarkets such as ShopRite PicknPay and so forth.