May 24, 2024

Sperm donating still in demand | compensation up to R8 000 | Part 2


*This article contains additional information linked to the previous one. Sperm Donating Article Part 1 – For More Information.

Sperm donation is still on demand and male counterparts are encouraged to come forward and donate. Unlike donating your organs, male counterparts are compensated an amount of R3 000 to R8 000 for their time.

This act of sperm donating is one that many people are not familiar with or rather not aware that this kind of procedure is also possible in South Africa and not just overseas. SA has fertility clinics where such a procedure is possible to do and compensation is thereafter given to the donor. The clinics are situated across the country but mainly Cape Town and Johannesburg, are available but due to Covid-19, these clinics work with appointments and not walk ins.

 How sperm donation process works:

Step 1:

Fill in the form provided by the agency on the website/one you find when you attend to the appointment.

Step 2:

The team will get in touch with you to set up a time for a free semen screening at one of the screening and donation facility.

Step 3:

If you pass the screening, the agency will then set up time for a free blood screening.

Step 4:

On average donations take place twice a week for about four weeks. A member of the team will brief you on what to do before sample collection day to certain the sample is of highest quality.

Step 5:

A final blood test is needed a month after your final sample has been given. Donors are also tendered the chance to as question throughout the procedure.

Step 6:

Once all the processes are given the green light, the facility will direct you to the room where the action takes place, in the beginning it may be hard and embarrassing but because you are given privacy, the staff will give you space to get comfortable and get done before cashing up your pocket.

Names of facilities in SA that assist with sperm donating:

  • Vitalab Cryobank South Africa
  • Medfem fertility clinic
  • South African Sperm Bank
  • Aevitas Sperm Bank
  • AndoCryos
  • Cape Cryo Bank
  • Sandton Fertility Clinic
  • BioArt Fertility
  • Pretoria East Fertility Clinic
  • Durban Fertility Clinic
  • Natal Fertility Clinic
  • Port Elizabeth Fertility Clinic
  • Winland Fertility Clinic
  • Gift ov Life (from Europe situated in SA)

NB* AfricaNewz / Reporter, does not own a sperm donor bank, but should you require such services we recommend you contact the above listed fertility clinics as they have all the answers to the questions you may have