May 28, 2024

Special Fathers Day Edition

Fathers Day

Fathers day celebration sweeter than a cheesecakes with adorable messages and graphics doing the rounds on social media, warming the hearts of many.

From Pearl Modiadie, Gail Mabalani and many more, fathers day smoothly and emotionally touched many fathers out there. All kinds of videos and pictures, messages and gifts were shared to spread the love and appreciation to fathers all over. @jayythedope says “To the men who are playing their roles as fathers, the real dads raising their kids right, the responsible dads, I respect you all. HAPPY FATHERS DAY.”

More and more messages keep flooding social messages, however it did not stop many who saw it fitting to reprimand fathers who have abandoned their children and do not play their role as fathers, also sending appreciations to men who are raising children that are not their own.

Fathers Day