Apr 18, 2024

Soweto TV Founder Passes Away Due To Car Accident

Soweto TV

Founder and CEO of Soweto TV, Tshepo Thafeng death confirmed, after he was involved in a car accident Thursday 25 November, which succumbed to his passing.

An announcement was made to the public by Soweto TV, informing the public of the devastating news. Well wishes are sent out to his friends and family including colleagues, as they find it hard to accept the ordeal they face as a station.

“It is with great sadness that we confirm the passing of the founder of Soweto Community Television Tshepo Thafeng after a fatal car accident on Thursday 25 November…Our prayers go to his family, friends and colleagues. Rest in Peace Mr T.” written on Soweto TV Channel post

Viewers of the channel have expressed their devastation of heart break, to the sudden news they came across on their newsfeed on social media, alerting them of the passing. Supporters mention on how they are glad to have had an opportunity to see his work and are grateful to Thafeng for creating such a platform.

Some youth social users say they take their hat off to him for believing in the youth and giving them hope when it comes to employment, after they were given chances multiple times by the platform which also consists of a number of youth shows that hire the youth and discuss the youth’s problem through Soweto TV.

Words of encouragements keep pouring on social media as fans of Soweto TV and beyond share their condolences.