May 27, 2024

Soweto Residents to continue protesting


Soweto residents say Monday protest was the highlight of what’s to come on Tuesday, residents said they are to conitnue protesting until their greviances are addressed by city of Johannesburg.

On Monday morning protesters brought all roads leading in and out of Soweto to a stand still with Re a Vaya buses also disrupted causing a total suspension of the government buses. Motorists were also warned to drive on the lookout. Residents are protesting against services delivery and the cutting of electricity by Eskom.

Soweto residents are not pleased with Eskom and city of Johannesburg, they are asking for Eskom to scrap off their debt, while they are also calling for Joburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse to address their greviances. Soweto residents also want the informal settlements scrapped off or removed from the oldest South African township.

Soweto owe Eskom R400 million in electricity debts, which has caused Eskom to suspended regular electrical provisions to the area, Eskom has been cutting off in Soweto electricity at certain times, with winter here that caused the residents to protest.