May 20, 2024

Soweto CIT Robbery | four months later, same spot

Soweto Orlando cash in transit robbery shocks community as it happened same spot four months late. A CIT Robbery was reported on Soweto after robbers bombed yet another money truck.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Netshiunda conformed the robbery news after residents posted graphics of a bombed money vehicle belonging to G4S. It is said the G4S van van was coming from Bara Mall heading towards Orlando East when the vehicle was attacked and the guards were confronted by suspects, just sd they cornered at Tema and Nicolas streets, the same area where attacked another money vehicle, four months prior.

“No shots were fired, however, the driver sustained head injuries after he was hit with the butt of the firearm by the suspects,” said Netshiunda.Police say the suspects got away with cash and robbed the security guards of their firearms. One of the security guards sustained head injuries after he was beaten with a gun, while his two colleagues were left unharmed.

No arrest have been made thus far, but community members say they are getting tired of witnessing such as they fear one day they will get hurt, even though there was only one injury reported. Members of the community stood around the van while awaiting police offices to arrive, the suspects left no cash behind.