Jul 20, 2024

South Africans are in for Another Surprise With Fuel Increase.

It is going to be another tough year for South Africans as they need to dig deeper in their pockets as there will be another petrol hike.

On Monday, the Mineral Resources and Energy Department announced that both grades of petrol will be 53 cents more from Wednesday. It was announced that the petrol price will rise by 53 cents a liter and diesel by 80 cents a liter.

Dawie Roodt has mentioned the main reasons on why these prices keep increasing. He said, “Various stack tics on fuel is one of the most important taxes to the South African government, in fact fuel is approximately 40% of what you pay for petrol goes to the various stack tics and various taxes on fuel is actually 5th most important tax due to South African government in terms of revenue.”

With COVID-19 taken peoples jobs, it’s going to be tough with the increase of petrol, this situation is making things worse than they already are because we know once petrol price goes up, public transportation prices will go up and so is food.